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Saturday 30 June 

In collaboration with Discovery
9pm - 6am

Spun residents (Room 1):
Jeremy Newall
Cem Ceylan
Jamie Heath

Discovery (Room 2):
Jack Priest
Jac the Disco
Sean Innit
Neil Thornton

A family affair

After a well-earned short break from our last epic night, where we hosted ‘The Official London Party’ for Mark Grusane’s BBE release, The Real Sound of Mark Grusane, Spun is back and this time it’s a family affair.

We are honoured to announce the legendary Jeremy Newall is joining the Spun family as a resident alongside Cem Ceylan and Jamie Heath. To celebrate this collaboration we’re hosting the first of many parties in London at SEDITION.

Jeremy has a 30-year career that spans record stores to radio stations, nightclubs to studios, magazines to record labels, Jeremy lives for music, buying it, selling it, making it, breaking it, playing it, broadcasting it, curating it, compiling it, promoting it and more! Known amongst many older heads for his residency at the legendary Loft with Paul ’Trouble’ Anderson and guest spots on Kiss FM (back in the day) as well as long running shows on House FM, Girls FM among others. There is no doubt that Jeremy has a great pedigree and knows how to work his crowd. From an early age, Jeremy has been an obsessive collector of all things Disco/Soul/Boogie/Gospel and of course House. For example, Jeremy has amassed probably the world’s most complete collection of Salsoul related vinyl releases. So, expect to hear Jeremy unearth some rare classics from his personal vinyl collection.

This is a night where the tribes come together, joining forces with Discovery disco duo, Jac the Disco & Neil Thornton, Crew Love’s young UK ambassador Jack Priest and Sean Innit of Midnight Riot records fame. This is going to be the night where we bring the party to the party, let loose and enjoy an atmosphere compared to the original Disco Warehouse’s of NYC and Chicago.

Can you feel it? The soulful 70s sound of uptempo Philly R&B, the lush orchestral magic of Vince Montana, the loose Boogie groove of the 80s, the slickness of Shep Pettibone’s Dubs, the madness of Walter Gibbons and the total majesty of Tom Moulton’s mixes… Inspired by the roots of House Music, Spun is a celebration of Disco and an exploration into the real sound of House. Echo’s of the spirit of Frankie’s Warehouse, Ronnie’s Music Box, Larry’s Garage, David’s Loft, the music lives on at Spun.

Two rooms of amazing music served by raw talent at Sediton with its great new nova sound in main room, music lead 6am basement conveniently located near Old St roundabout but tucked away from those maddening crowds.

Room 1
Hosted by Spun residents

Jeremy Newall
Cem Ceylan
Jamie Heath

Resident DJs Cem Ceylan and Jamie Heath share a true passion for all things House. Built on inspired memories of clubbing to some of the world’s best, back in the mid nineties, such as Danny Krivit, Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Timmy Regisford and Francois K, the list goes on.

“Every time Jamie and I use to see Frankie or Louie play, Jeremy was always spinning beforehand. Getting that party up to its pressure point, a true technical master and an absolute honour to have him service the crowd at Spun” 
Cem Ceylan

Cem and Jamie’s prized vinyl collection has been built from DJ’ing at underground parties across London for the last 20 years. They now put that good music to use as residents at Spun. Be sure to get there early as you do not want to miss what these two have to offer.

Room 2 hosted by Discovery
Jac the Disco & Neil Thornton
with special guests Jack Priest (Crew Love) 
& Sean Mason Gorham

If want some backroom sleaze then the Discovery disco duo Neil Thornton and Jac the Disco have it. Bringing their nonstop magic carpet ride for the evening. Pumping the party sleaze, rediscovered party unclassics old and new, Italo gems and more modern sounds.

As always continuing their party ethos of booking guests who have as much fun behind the decks as the dancers on the dance floor. They have invited special guests and good friends Jack Priest (Crew Love, Wolf & Lamb) and Sean Innit (Midnight Riot) to the party. It’s gonna be off the scale for all you party girls and boys…

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